Apollonian Insight

Apollonian Insight is a fast, effective and flexible tool for the assessment of a company’s current business-model, structure and value. It scans all company building blocks and compares the whole company against the business context, industry, and trends with a focus on intellectual capital assets - thus providing a comprehensive assessment of the company’s standing. Apollonian Insight therefore uncovers both the potential and risks in the company, highlighting key knowledge carriers, focus areas as well as areas for improved management of the company assets.


Insight includes

Insight includes a detailed financial, organisational and material assessment including all on and off balance sheet assets as well as other company elements that might contribute to its value.

In the case of real assets, such as real estate, local industry experts may be utilized in order to determine accurate pricing from short and long-term viewpoint.

Insight is therefore sector neutral and can be applied to many different types of companies.

What is Intellectual capital?

Intellectual capital means all knowledge embedded in an organisation such as ways of working, networks and key knowledge carriers – central elements that traditional valuation methods fail to assess.

Apollonian underlying econometric methodology used to determine the current and potential future value of the IC assets in question complies with International Accounting Standards.

Insight reveals

1) The knowledge and intellectual capital gaps and risks inside the company that would need to be safeguarded, controlled, changed or put in place in order to boost organisational ability to do business, leverage further investment, and reduce risks, errors and waste.

2) The long-term risk for the company against the wider environment, as well as the gaps and oversights, or hidden potential in using its existing knowledge base to:

  • Build new or better revenue streams;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Further develop products and services;
  • Enter new markets, or bring in alternative or more customers;
  • Future proof or change the business model;
  • Understand the underlying risks and red flags in the organization;
  • Leverage funding.

3) Based on the two assessment processes Apollonian is able to determine the current and future value of the company and recommend actions to reach the potential future value.

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