Apollonian Growth 

In the knowledge economy more than 80 percent of the value of any given company consists of intangible assets. Informed management and development of these assets is crucial for ensuring sustainable growth and it should therefore be a priority objective within a company.

Apollonian Growth identifies and clarifies company goals and recommends development strategies accordingly. Building on the Apollonian Insight company assessment, Apollonian Growth provides tailor-made recommendations for active and systematic management of all assets as well as unique growth roadmap crafted for companies to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’.


Four interlinked development categories:

  1. Managing All Assets; how to better manage all company assets to increase company cost efficiency;
  2. Reducing Risks: how to reduce identified risks, knowledge gaps, and prevent potential losses; 
  3. Growth: how to increase and multiply company commercialization and business; and
  4. Higher Value: enables companies to increase their balance sheet value by systematically transforming intellectual capital into tangible and explicit assets in a structured way.

Apollonian’s model to asset management with a special focus on intellectual capital provides a transparent framework designed to identify and achieve these objectives always in a systematic and structured manner.

What is Intellectual capital?

Intellectual capital means all  knowledge embedded in an organisation such as ways of working, networks and key knowledge carriers – central elements that traditional valuation methods fail to assess.

Apollonian underlying econometric methodology used to determine the current and potential future value of the IC assets in question complies with International Accounting Standards.