Insight - Uncovering full value of all assets

Growth - Making a difference

Apollonian Insight is a fast, effective and flexible tool for the assessment of a company’s current business-model and structure. It scans all company building blocks and compares the whole company against the business context, industry, and trends with a focus on intellectual capital assets - thus providing a comprehensive assessment of the company’s standing. Apollonian Insight therefore uncovers both the potential and risks in the company, highlighting key knowledge carriers, focus areas as well as areas for improved management of the company assets.

Building on the Apollonian Insight company assessment model, Apollonian Growth provides a roadmap and recommendations how to better manage all the mapped assets and how to enable company improvement and value growth in a sustainable manner – for example increase the company’s balance sheet value by improving company commercialization, add sources of revenue, cost-efficiency, and reduce identified risks. This in turn will also better facilitate future acquisitions, capital investments, buy-outs and initial public or share offerings.

Investment Mandate – Need for funding

Innovation Growth Funds – Enable high returns

Apollonian has a wide network of investors and access to private and public investment platforms and partners looking for suitable investments. This can be activated once Apollonian Insight has been carried out for any given company planning a funding round. Insight is required to compile an investment grade report for potential investors detailing the risk and reward profile of the company in question.

Apollonian knowledge and innovation focused alternative investment funds are investing mainly in scale-up companies using equity or debt instruments with a 5 to 7 year investment horizon. Apollonian funds have no specific industry of type of companies that it will focus on. 

Alternative Investment funds and client mandates – At your service

Apollonian asset management arm also explores and create investment, structuring, funds and financial management opportunities with partners and clients globally. These services are formed and operated under Luxembourg financial industry in compliance with the relevant European Directives and industry best practices.