Apollonian Portfolios

Apollonian’s objective is to provide a window of opportunity to invest into innovative and knowledge intensive companies with high growth and scale-up potential within EU-area and globally. Apollonian will only invest, or recommend investment, in companies that have been screened and vetted by our strict assets and intellectual capital due diligence and audit process.

Apollonian investment is carried out by way of Apollonian funds direct investment, by pooled funds with own and third party investment, or by recommending investment to vetted third party partners. Apollonian will always participate as the general partner and lead in any investment case. Any professional or high net worth investor, client, agent, partner and platform can register with us for our investment funds or specific direct opportunities.

Apollonian Investment Portfolio


Mash is a rapidly growing international financial technology (Fintech) group active in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain and Luxembourg. Its is one of only two companies in Europe that offer both an in-store and online payment solution, and is considered to be at the forefront of the payments revolution in Europe. The company is now scaling rapidly across the continent to reach hundreds of thousands of merchants via strategic partnerships and direct investment.

Apollonian INSIGHT Portfolio


Paptic Ltd is a Finnish start-up company, established in April 2015. The company focuses on technology for sustainable development as well as the sales and marketing of wood-based renewable and recyclable products. Paptic is targeting to revolutionize the packaging industry by novel wood based products.


BioEnergo is an early-stage biotech company in the energy sector established in 2009. It has developed some key technologies in the field of ethanol and lignin production. The company is currently planning large scale production of 3rd generation biofuel.


Uplause is a Finnish company that combines passion for sports, entertainment, innovation and people's desire to participate and interact into a functional solution allowing events and brands to engage consumers in completely new way. Uplause provides teams, federations and sponsors a proven tool for building a social dialogue and fan engagement at events.


Euroloan is a rapidly growing international financial technology (Fintech) group headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Warsaw, Poland and Luxembourg. Euroloan has developed the most efficient financing business models and systems in the market, and is the leading service provider in key European markets. Euroloan’s fully automated and internationally scalable cloud services provide real-time credit solutions for small-to-medium size businesses and consumers.

My+Care™ helps elderly in their most critical daily emergencies and allows their caregivers to receive information on their well-being. For the caregivers’ the optimal usage of resources translates into more patients, availability of better and timely data and care; and in case of emergency, e.g. patients location is defined instantly and immediate assistance can be provided.


VerticaLeafs is a technology company focusing on closed-circuit vertical farming of lettuce, herbs and avocado. Their technology allows sustainable and profitable growing of greens in fully closed environments. Their adaptive solution can be implemented in available spaces that are currently un-efficiently used such as garages, car parks or unused property.


Booming Strategies & Marketing is specialized in international marketing, branding and creating more customer value and growth to our clients. The company offer value creating marketing strategies and business development mixed with marketing solutions.


Blue Sky Bio is a UK government (BEIS) backed clean-tech R&D firm that is developing disruptive, high-output, bioprocessed, renewable energy producing technologies. Degradation and fermentation are naturally occurring phenomenon where microorganisms consume organic materials. Like all living organisms, these bacteria respire gasses. BSB handpick specific microbes and optimise their environmental conditions and improve microbial function, to produce the biogases.


BrainLit delivers high-quality, dynamic and customized lighting that improves the health, welfare and productivity. The idea behind BrainLit is the development of a feedback and self-learning system based on a unique patent. This is where medical science with high technology, where one plus one equals much more than two. The lighting system is open to all components to ensure the best light environments.