Spot the next unicorn

May 14th, 2018

Profitable investment targets are hard to find. Various micro and macro economical elements introduce a growing number of facts and opportunities, and cloud investor confidence. One of the biggest challenges investors are facing is company valuations, which are as varied as they are inadequate, and which no longer reflect the true value of 21stcentury companies. The biggest culprits causing flawed valuations are intangible assets and th...

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The modern untouchables – Brief curriculum on intangible assets

February 6th, 2018

Tom Goodwin’s (Head of Innovation at Zenith) comment on Airbnb being the biggest hotel chain without owning any real estate and Uber being the biggest taxi company without owning any cars has become almost like a mantra that is being repeated when illustrating the opportunities created by new technologies. However, it is also a good example of the power and rise of intangible assets. As intangible assets continue to grow, we will need n...

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The great paradigm shift challenging businesses and investment strategies to evolve

January 15th, 2018

The fourth industrial revolution and the post-truth era are fuelling a palpable transformation within society and thus redirecting economic forces. Together these phenomena are contributing to a paradigm shift that is changing the way we regard fundamentals; like the nature of work and how the value of a business is interpreted.  At times, society reaches a turning point, where a paradigm shift fundamentally affects how peopl...

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Apollonian 365 – Year one highlights

January 10th, 2018

The first 356 days of Apollonian have been what they probably are for every entrepreneur – demanding and stressful but most of all a whirlwind of excitement. All the long days and challenges along the way have made every successful step so much more rewarding and we are constantly reminded why we set on this path to begin with. It has been extremely motivating to see how our work has made it possible for different companies to flourish ...

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