What we do

What we offer

  • Company valuation and advisory services to improve the probability of finding funding with the correct valuation
  • A fair valuation of all company assets including intangibles
  • Knowledge management services to ensure sustainable growth while increasing the balance sheet value
  • Funding through Apollonian Innovation Growth Fund throughout the growth cycle


Private investors
  • Investment target valuation and advisory services
  • Access to high quality investment opportunities within the European scale-up market
  • Better risk management to support sustainable growth with our unique intangible assets valuation model
  • Lower research costs through our network of best in class innovation agencies, incubators and accelerators etc.
  • Transparent portfolio analysis and quarterly reporting service to improve investment decision making and due diligence


Public institutions
  • Access to high quality investment opportunities within European scale-up market
  • Investment target valuation and advisory services
  • Funding of innovation hub supported companies that reach their scale-up stage to boost their future growth
  • Collaboration opportunities for the innovation hubs with European capital markets
  • Risk management to support sustainable growth with our unique unique intangible assets valuation model
Why Apollonian

Intangible assets have become the driving force of modern economy which is why their proper valuation is important. Understanding the fair value of a company can help manage risks, strengthen business development and increase transparency with different stakeholders. Especially, during milestone events, an investment into an in-depth asset valuation can greatly benefit a company and its investors.

Investments in "knowledge" are essential in developing thriving innovations and supporting economies. Our expertise, networks and company valuation methodology, all come together to support our clients with company valuations, in seeking investors and building deal flow.

Lear more about our services

Apollonian Insight is a fast, effective and flexible tool for the assessment of a company’s assets. It scans all company building blocks provides a comprehensive assessment of the company’s standing.


Growth provides a roadmap and recommendations how to better manage all the mapped assets and how to enable company improvement and value growth in a sustainable manner.

Investment mandate

Apollonian has a wide network of investors and access to private and public investment platforms and partners looking for suitable investments. This can be activated once Apollonian Insight has been carried out for any given company planning a funding round.