About us

Apollonian is a Luxembourg based Investment firm focusing on knowledge-intensive companies. We help companies to manage and grow their intellectual capital using a novel approach that combines intellectual asset valuation methods with a ground-breaking dealflow network and a financing structure integrating public support schemes with private capital.

Our mission

Apollonian is founded on the belief that knowledge is the most valuable asset held by companies - driving everything from customer satisfaction to innovation and growth. As these assets cannot easily be assessed using standard metrics, investors as well as managers struggle to value knowledge-based companies appropriately.

Our mission is to reduce the uncertainties regarding the valuation of knowledge-based companies by uncovering the tacit value of  intangible assets. By determining the real value of knowledge we aim to bridge the gap between investors and knowledge-intensive companies in Europe and beyond.

Spot the next unicorn

Profitable investment targets are hard to find. Various micro and macro economical elements introduce a growing number of facts and opportunities, and cloud investor confidence. One of the biggest cha...

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